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We are trading company, and we’re also having factory specializing in the wood products.
With our specialized experience in the wood trade and manufacturing, we continue providing the highest services to customer’s requirement.
We believe in pursuing complex product development and customer satisfaction, enabling us to stay apart from our competitors and provide the best services to our customers.

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  • Flexrib


  • Flexrib


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Answering customer needs
through our hands-on approach.

From our inception as a wood trade company, we have kept to heart the importance of fundamentals.

We will carry our bodies to the raw material and products, use our eyes to determine the product quality, use our extensive experience to provide product proposals and use our hands to deliver a good quality product. By not cutting corners on these fundamentals, we continue to be a net positive for our customers, society and the planet.

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“Premium wood” is a stylish design panel adapted to Japanese non-combustible interior restrictions.
This series is designed for use in the interior decoration of large facilities and homes and can be used to beautifully and easily coordinated walls, ceilings and floors.
The most popular is the “flex rib”. This product features are the warmth of natural wood and the three-dimensional feel of the rib.
Ribs decorated with fancy veneer are integrated into the non-combustible panel, eliminating the need to install the rib on site, as had previously been the case.
Luxurious, high-quality spaces can be achieved simply by affixing this product.
Our “PREMIUM WOOD series” include “Monyo” it is a beautifully designed wood marquetry product with ancient Japanese craftsmanship. We also provide “Flat fancy Panels (meets Japanese non combustibility standards) ” which stand out for the beauty of their natural wood grain. A total of Eight brands are offered, each with a rich individuality to suit the construction site and purpose.
The main attraction of the premium wood series is the flexible choice of wood types and finishes. Natural wood veneers can be selected from Omnitsuba's collection of more than 30 different wood types. The wood's character allows you to enjoy various looks, from the beautifully grained white oak to the deep-coloured walnut.
Also noteworthy is the painting process, which provides new expressive possibilities. You can enjoy to your heart's content the incredible design possibilities created by natural wood.

02Wood tape

Wood tape is a natural wood veneer roll that can express a true sense of warmth.
We have been manufacturing for more than 30 years and have always been a pioneering player in this field.
Wood tape is easy to install yet can recreate the same or even better finish and look and feel of solid board material.
The range includes a choice of thickness, width size and adhesive type on the reverse side and more than 40 wood types, including linden (basswood), white oak and white Ash.
You can also choose a range of tapes to suit your application, including Edge tapes for applying to wooden furniture surfaces, fittings and joinery. Wrapping tapes for wrapping around skirting boards, skirting rims and other structural materials. Joint tapes for finishing joints neatly.
We can also meet customs needs, such as a specific thickness of the wood tape, pre-painted wood tape, and express service.

03Imported wood

OMNITSUDA's imported wood is purchased by our sales team from overseas and domestic wood suppliers.
Our mission is to ensure that we travel to the product site, personally check the product quality with our eyes, make suggestions with our established experience and deliver quality products to our customers directly.
This persistent pioneering work has led to establishing a network of suppliers based in every corner of the world, enabling the handling of wood types from all parts of the world.
Moreover, our strengths do not stop there. We are also proud of our sales staff's ability to make proposals, having grown into connoisseurs after travelling worldwide with their mobility and courage.
Our broad-minded and fast-working sales staff will offer the right manufacturing plant and products to meet customer requirements.
We do our utmost to accommodate not only general distribution products but also customised specifications that have been rejected by other manufacturers.
Depending on the product, our Japanese staff can conduct a full inspection. For the Chinese and South East Asian materials that are imported and stocked regularly, trials can be conducted in small batches.
OMNITSUDA will continue to meet all the needs of our customers by adhering to a thorough field-oriented approach.