OMNITSUDA Inc. | We are enriching people's living through wood


MESSAGEWe enrich people’s lives through wood and building materials.

We are trading company, and we’re also having factory specializing in the wood products.
With our specialized experience in the wood trade and manufacturing, we continue providing the highest services to customer’s requirement.
We import woods from whole of the world, the USA, China, Indonesia, Europe, Oceania and more.
Our sales network of customers also extends from Hokkaido to Okinawa and overseas.
Our company prides itself on a corporate culture that is free, open-minded and full of initiative, but we most value cooperation, where we mutually understand and support each other.
Each employee has weaknesses and strengths, but our company is like a sports team that fulfils each other’s roles to the best of its ability.

	Tsuda Yasuyuki

President Director Tsuda Yasuyuki


We are driving our Omnibus to a better future

We are driving our “Omnibus” to a better future

Omnitsuda’s name derives from ‘Omnibus’, meaning ‘rideshare bus or rideshare carriage’.
The name was chosen to reflect the image of a group of highly diverse employees who bring their individual strengths to the company and work together towards a brighter future.

We enrich people's lives through wood and building materials.

We enrich people’s lives through wood and building materials.

Wood is an invaluable resource for creating comfortable spaces and healing one’s mind.
At Omnitsuda, we are helping to enrich people’s lives and nature while promoting the widespread use of wood to combat global warming and create a decarbonised society by protecting a healthy ecosystem of forest cycles.

With wisdom and courage, we aim to be the best partner for everyone involved.

With wisdom and courage, we aim to be the best partner for everyone involved.

With our “wisdom” to pursue better services and our “courage” to implement them, we will work together with our employees, their families, customers and local residents to create a symbiotic society where happiness circulates.


Representative director Tsuda Yasuyuki
Established 16 October 1985
Captial stock JPY 50 million
Number of employees 40 people
Business description Trading (wood, construction materials), Manufacture and sale of wood
Trading partners Canada, China, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Indonesia, and Australia.
4-9-21, Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan
TEL +81-52-242-4111 (Representative)
FAX +81-52 242 4114
Tokyo branch
Nihombashi GRACE Bldg. 4F, 2-12-9, Nihon-bashi, Chuouku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL +81-3-5203-9950
Mie Factory
895, Hirokami, Kitase-cho, Inabe City, Mie Prefecture, Japan
TEL +81-594-72-6988
FAX +81-594 72 6987


  • ARTACE,Inc.

    Proposal-based painting company.

    Many achievements, including the painting of components in extensive public facilities, luxury hotels and foreign brand shops.
    Painted by skilled craftsmen, offering a wide range of design possibilities.

    Atonishi 5,Shinchiaki Kanie-cho,Ama-gun, Aichi Prefecture 497-0043, Japan
    TEL +81-567-95-4074


    Import and trading company of the world’s favourite roofing materials.

    The company handles the world’s leading brands in roofing materials, Vixen and Corona.

    No. 4 Suga Bldg. 5F, 3-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan
    TEL +81-3-3355-4789


As wood professionals, we want to continue to create value that no one has yet discovered.

Wood is an essential material for creating a comfortable and inviting space.
It is an invaluable resource that enriches people’s minds and helps create more pleasant and welcoming spaces for people.
As wood processing technology evolves year by year, the designs favoured by people continue to change and become more sophisticated with each passing day. As a manufacturing company, we are consistently committed to professionalism.

Continuing to be a wood specialist

Wood attracts people. It is a wonderful material with appealing features: beautiful patterns, pleasant to the touch, warmth (low thermal conductivity), a pleasant scent, easy to work with, high strength per weight (light and resistant), and humidity-controlling properties.
However, the extent of this characteristic varies considerably depending on the type of tree, the region, and, more importantly, the individual tree used.
We are a group of specialists having knowledge to identify the differences between species and individual trees.
By developing products that use these strengths, we can deliver even greater value to our customers.

Remain a generalist with diversified knowledge

We value the wishes and designs of our customers. We are prepared to tackle challenges that other companies would find unfeasible with integrated strength in every part of the product-making process.
As a wood import and trading company, since its foundation, we have made it a company policy to import products that have been personally inspected and verified by our sales staff who have visited the source of the raw material.
As a manufacturer, we have been producing veneer-related products for more than 30 years and operate our factory with a group of craftsmen who are thoroughly familiar with the properties of the wood.
With the insight we have as a trading company and manufacturer, we can fulfil our customers’ requirements through our multifaceted knowledge and comprehensive capabilities, such as the production and processing of logs at local plants, trade distribution, post-import inspection, processing means and commercialisation, and more.

Continually taking on new challenges and remaining a pioneer

People’s preferences and trends are continuously changing.
As a group of craftspeople, we value such trends and changes in preferences.
As all of our sales staff travel the world, we visit various trade fairs, such as the Milano Salone held in Milan, Italy, in April each year to research design trends across the globe and to gain an understanding of what designs and products are gaining popularity.
We make it our mission, always to be agile to new trends, and to always venture into new ideas and products based on trends and experience.

Environmental and safety initiatives


The future we aim to create

  • ・Increasing the number of domestic wood products and helping to nurture Japan’s forests.
  • ・Realise ways of ensuring that wood is used sustainably without waste.

What we are currently working on

  • ・Handling Japanese cedar, cypress and other domestic wood as interior materials.

What we will be working on

  • ・Develop value-added products with domestic wood and contribute to the monetisation of the forests.
  • ・Develop products and applications with lower-grade and scrap wood, and pursue higher value-added uses.

OMNITSUDASpecific initiatives to achieve the SDGs

  • ・Check progress against the SDG Declaration as an agenda item at general meetings (held every month) and implement the PDCA cycle.
  • ・Develop new products using domestic wood.
  • ・Investigate and develop uses for off-grade wood at overseas suppliers.
  • ・Developing products using scrap wood at the Mie factory.

Omnitsuda endorses the Sustainable Development Goals and has formulated the SDGs Declaration into our ethics and procedures to achieve its goals.