Incombustible wood market price Points that decision the price difference

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In this page, for those who are currently looking for incombustible wood, We will explain normal prices and market prices of incombustible wood

How much does it cost to use incombustible wood

First of all, We will introduce the normal market price of incombustible wood which is the most biggest concern of everyone

・ Incombustible cedar : 1.1 million yen to 1.4 million yen / ㎥ (including materials)
・Semi-incombustible cedar : 1 million yen to 1.3 million yen / ㎥ (including materials)

* The above is a indication that includes “normal material fee”, “including/injecting processing fee of retardant”,”drying fee”,
and “general finishing fee”

・Incombustible cedar : 350000 to 500000 yen / ㎥ (material supply, injection processing)
・Semi-incombustible cedar : 250000 to 400000 yen / ㎥ (material supply, injection processing)

* The above is the “general including injection fee” when materials are provided.
* Depending on the manufacture, there is a difference between the unit price including drying and completion, or the separete unit price

As will be explained in the following items, depending on the conditions, it will go up and from the above indication
First of all, appreciate it if you can check it as reference

Incombustible Point where the unit price is different

Even if pepole say incombustible wood, the unit price varies depending on the type of retardant or processing method
In this section, it will explain the points where the unit price difference is happened

① Chemical used
Currently, main chemicals used to make solid wood hard to born include boron, phosphoric acid, halogen, etc. and the unit price of each chemical is different by types of use or their propotions

② Chemical injection processing method
There are two main methods of injecting retardants into wood for the manufacture of incombustible wood

Immersion method:
A method of injecting and including a chemical by concentration substitution using the difference
in the concentration of wood and chemical solution. Some people call it soaked because it is
normally immersed in the chemical solution.
Pressure injecgtion method:
This is a method that uses a vacuum pressure equipment to include liquid in the
crevices inside the solod. The “vaccum pressure method” that depressurizes and
pressurizes in vacuum is normally used.

In both methods, there are manufacturers who have obtained incombustible certification, so it is possible to manufacture incombustible wood. Products that adopt the immersion method are normally be cheaper because of the simple equipment and process
(We adopt thew pressure injection method to inject certainly and evenly)

③ Quqlity or grade of the wood
Japanese cedar as an example, there is flawless “plain wood”, included joints of like the size of a pencil lead in 1 piece per 2m “choicest lower high”, included joints like the size of little finger ahead in 1 or 2 pieces per 1m “lower high” or there are various grades such as “with joints” are keeping the natural texture
The unit price of these materials will change as the unit price difference of the finished prduct even in the unit price of incombustible wood

④ When using certified materials (prefectual materials or FSC materials)
Also quality and grade, if the woods to be used is certified one or prefecturally produced, there may be a large difference in price with normal wood due to its controlled production route. In this case also, cntributes to a change in the unit price of finished product

An alternative plan when the unit price of incombustible wood does not fit in the budget

Among those who have seen until now, people may be who worry about incombustible wood without match your budget due to various circumstasnces. Also there are people who want to take in the goodness of wood from the perspective of design or space design In that case, we also suggest alternatives with various incombustible certified products, such as products made with veneer made by thinly slicing natural wood on the surface of a volcanic glassy multilayer board (alias: Dylite) Please contact us when considering incombustible products such as blocks or louvers as well as simple plate like materials


・The normal market price of incombustible wood incudes materials 1.1 million yen to 1.4 million yen /㎥

・The market price is 35000 to 500000 yen /㎥ when bringing materials (supply)

・In the case of semi-incombustible products or semi-incombustible processing, the cost is lower than incombustible

・The difference in unit price of incombustble wood is “used chemicals” “injection method” “base unit price”

・If you do not match with your budget incombustible wood, but want to take in the goodness of natrural wood, there is a way to make a product used a natural version

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