Precautions on incombustible wood Demerit About efflorescence

What is demerit or precautions to consider incombustible wood
Especially this page explains the phrnomenon called efflorescence which can be problem after constraction
If it would be helpful for evertone to consider incombustible wood, would be pleased

Precautions of incombustible wood and efflorescence

As introduced on another page, incombustible wood is manufactured by including Muku`s wood with retardant
“Efflorescene” that often heard refer that chemical on the surface aried and crystallized
during the process of adjusting the humidity of the injected drug to the usage environment.
When usually used chemical crystallize, it is often called efflorescence because white powder is adhered
(it depends on the type of chemical used it may not be white and might have different cases such as stickiness)

Dealing with efflorescence (non-coating)

For non-coating incombustible, the precipitated chemical crystallizes and adheres as if it is powdered
In this case, efflorescence can be removed by wiping up the surface with wet cloth

Due to the precipitation of chemical due to humidity control with the around environment, there is not high possibility
that efflorescence will happen again unless continuous condition in a high humidity environment. However
depending on unstable and sudden changes in the environment such as torrential rains and intense heat
in recent years, efflorescence may happen again

Will efflorescence matter cause performance problems? (Concern of performance degradation)

Efflorescence explained that the chemical ooze on the wood surface
In this case, there is a decline in performance as a detail sometimes asked customer
Regard this, we believe that customer do not worry about the quality, when the efflorescence can happen in
normal environment

Due to the lack of performance in the past unannounced inspections, our company and other non-combustible manufacturers
are impregnated with more than the necessary amount of chemicals, looking at safe areas so as not to run out of performance.
In manufacturing process, we managed injected chemical amount by weight and by each product


・Efflorescence is phenomenon that included chemicals are appeared by the humidity control of wood on the surface

・When efflorescence happened, wiping up with tightly wrung wet cloth

・Even the efflorescence happened, enough chemical is impregnated in advance so performance are maintained

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