Helping space design by using wood

Products of the shop that we enter unintentionally look really attractive, but why we cannot explore them slowy and suddenly enter the next one?
Even though the next shop has less product assortment but customers feel calm so they can start shopping. Have you experienced these kind of situation?

There are many elements that can impress customers like materials, colour, product layout, design and circulation. On the other hand, the real wood material have mild, warmth and peace of mind that words cannot explain. We support making a space to be a wonderful place wholeheartedly through wood.

Using incombustible wood

Incombustible certified products such as incombustible wood is a product that have been approve by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism. However incombustible certified products are not used only because they are certified with law

  • ・User can use the space safely
  • ・User can use the space comfortably

The idea of planing the building and construction are included in using incombustible certified products and incombustible wood are used.

To customer who considered to use incombustible wood

Questions about incombustible wood are summarized at these articles
We hope they will be useful for future customers.
If you have any question please feel free to reach us at the contact address below or our contact form.

Our advantage

We provide various of product with good design to support everyone ideas.
We who can manufacture incombustible wood, own a factory of natural wood veneer and have certificate of natural incombustible wrapping material can provide them.

High quality

Impregnation spread fireproof chemical evenly into wood. We manage data of specific gravity and water content to produce safe lumber.Moreover we can provide product that has high performance of fireproof by process an impregnation to lumber finished state.

Quick deliveries

Always stock impregnated wood material (Only quasi‐incombustible) Shorten ordering〜delivering period 7-10days (Periods may vary depend on ordering situation) Also flexible in order quantity. As wood trading company we make the best out of purchasing and procurement knowledge.

Selection specification

Instead of solid wood that can only response to coniferous tree like Japanese cedar Hinoki cypress. We use colorful broadleaf trees Oak Walnut Cherry Teak to create surfaces by make them into veneers wood and use volcanic silicates fiber reinforced as the base. Incombustible wood material are available for you. Since we are the the veneer tape maker so we can actualize them.「42 type of veneers variations 」Please feel free to contact us

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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