OMNITSUDA gathers people who love wood together.
To support our recruitment, we would like to introduce company events
and daily activities to everyone to understand our company astompsphere.

■Business plan

Once in a half year, headquarter sale and Kanto sale will meet and share current situation and customer request.
Then plan and propose what to buy and what to offer by ourselves.
The plan will be carried out after approved by management team.

(Image: Staff join the Mongolian food dining)
(Staff want to learn different culture so arranage these kind of meeting)

■Christmas party

Once every two year, sale and office will held Christmas party.
In order to make up an express gratitude to staff’s family for the time loosing during the business trip in Japan and oversea,we invite every staff families to come and join the party. Also a good chance for family to know more about the company.
Private party will be held at hotel or ceremonial hall.

Every year at Mie factory, company will consider everyone request then arranged oneday or overnight trip

(Image: Everyone after christmas party)
(We will continue express our gratitude to families)

■Monthly meeting

We do business trips in Japan and oversea everyday also sale and purchase in every area.We have fewer opportunity to meet in-person, so we try to do each one carefully.
Since our offices locate in Nagoya and Tokyo, basically most meeting are teleconference via skype.

(Image: Kanto sell meeting, dining after meeting)

■Fire drill

We carried out fire drill prevention at factory where handle wood and machinery.
To response with emergency situation, we practise using fire extinguisher with firefighters.
Since more disaster are increasing lately, evacuation drill or disaster prevention drill are important activities that can protect staff from an emergency situation.
All employees are raising their awareness of disaster prevention and daily safety through disaster drills so that they can learn about emergency responses and deliver products safely and securely.

(Image:In fire drill practise using real fire extinguishers)

■Staff workshop

For the company calendar is working attendance but twice a year we spend Saturday doing staff workshop.
Staff work shop detail will be different each year. We have done so many workshop to level up as the working adult like eating in a restaurant, discuss the topic that might distribute the company in 10 years later and learing manner and travel on oneday trip to see the material from our company that customer used.

(Image:Oneday trip to see the real location that use product of our company)