Our "Material Control System" makes us possible to
maintain product quality and managing quantity.
We produce Wood Tape mainly for genuine oriented furniture or building dressed parts, which maintain the beautiful natural wooden texture. Since we sort by color or quality levels, our storing management makes us control steady production for any special needs. At the same time, we offer "same-day" delivery service except some exclusive products.
Our latest technique and strong developing power
can offer you wide range of products
We believe that it is essential for our sales & production team should work together with our clients to developing and create new products. As a lumber professional, it is surely possible and necessary that our experience and creative ability would give us great opportunity to produce more significant products. To achieve this goal, we care for personal hospitality as well as systems approach. Back to the basic of craftsmanship we focusing, seeking brand new vision, aim at the next stage in the future.
factory outline
Veneer wood sorting system at Material Control Center
Endless rolling technique by FJ (finger joint)
Same-day delivery system
With our wide range of speices, we can supply tailor made painted tapes based on request
various processing products are available which using exclusive Omni-Tsuda 'Hyper paper' (resinous paper)

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